Thursday, February 25, 2010

23 Days to realase...

Our mod will realase at 20 March...

So, I can tell you some details about it. First - gamemodes. The Unknown will have 4 gamemodes:

1. Deathmatch - you know what is it :D
2. Team Deathmatch - same as Half-Life TDM
3. Survival - small number of players must survive in small arena, with big number of Alien Slaves. Aliens have infinity respawn, and every 30 seconds, players must fight a Alien Grunt.
4. Deathrace - players must score best time in trapped-area... thats all :D

and deleted mode - Searcher: players must destroy all HECU radio stations on the map, but they have limited time and must fight aliens with infinite respawn. Maybe this mode will come in The Unknown: Source? whoops...

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